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Club demolition sneaking under cover of Covid-19?

The Shiregreen Working Men’s Club, a centre for people’s activities over decades, may be demolished despite attempts to save it for community use. It was the stage used for the final scene in Sheffield-made film “The Full Monty”. The Shiregreen area (Sheffield 5) has already lost many local venues; The Horseshoe, The Sicey, The Roman Ridge, The Wincobank, etc. There…
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⑧ News, travel & how to keep in touch

This page covers local and other media, mainstream and non-mainstream; groups and other shared activities during the Coronavirus crisis. To stay mentally balanced, don’t watch ‘rolling news’. It’s better to limit your dose of TV/radio/online news to, say, twice a day. Enough to keep in touch, but not to let it depress you. To brighten up the mood, switch on happy…
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⑩ Events and services that are not cancelled

Latest: At the moment all physical events are cancelled or postponed, but online events are beginning to be organised. Some are featured here on the Alt-Sheff events listing. If you know of any events in the Sheffield area, please email us.   The 2020 Festival of Debate: The “FoD” is postponed but not cancelled. The organisers (Opus) say that even…
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