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New Gaza Documentary

Haider Eid, a Palestinian activist, professor, writer and singer spoke at the founding conference of the Sheffield Palestine Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid in 2022. He was born in Nuseirat refugee camp and was raised in Gaza City, after his parents were expelled from their village, Zarnouqa, in 1948.

Now he has made a new 14 minute documentary film, “Returning to Zarnouqa”.

It is intended to be used as a resource for activism, so the “Organizer’s Toolkit” has information, messaging and images to help to share or screen the film, and create spaces for dialogue around the ongoing genocide and generational displacement facing Palestinians.

It also includes links to learn more about Haidar Eid and Neta Golan, and their continued work for a secular society based on equality, human rights, and the Right of Return.

The film can be watched online here: