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Sheffield Council use of Monsanto poison opposition grows

Sheffield Council uses hundreds of litres of dangerous Glyphosate herbicide on the city’s pavements and greenery, (according to a freedom of information request). This toxic substance, best known as Monsanto’s ‘RoundUp’ is very dangerous to insects, plant life and humans. It has been described as ‘The most toxic product ever invented’ and a documentary by Australian public broadcast service ABC shows the secret tactics which Monsanto has used to protect Roundup from legal challenges.

Legal cases against Monsanto are now being won, after years of campaigning. It has been banned by various countries and UK councils. Glyphosate is toxic even down to killing earthworms and soil micro-organisms, and effects continue underground for 2 years or longer.

Safe alternatives to Glyphosate are available, so Extinction Rebellion Sheffield, Sheffield Green Parents, Sheffield Green Party and Sheffield Greenpeace are backing a petition on this matter. We urge Alt-Sheff readers to sign this petition, please.

Stop Using Glyphosate petition

UPDATE: There is now a campaigning song about Glyphosate, made by Sheffield activists singing (during the Covid lockdown) and edited into a choir for YouTube.

For further details of the Sheffield protest, please email