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Sheffield Students in solidarity with Palestine

Sheffield students have joined the worldwide protests against the apartheid and violence inflicted on Palestine by Israel’s armed forces. The Sheffield Campus Coalition for Palestine is made up of staff, students and alumni from both Sheffield and Hallam universities, with support from local trade unions and community activist groups.

A protest camp has been set up (May 2024) outside the University Students’ Union in solidarity with Palestine, demanding divestment from Israel and the arms trade. This is particularly relevant because the University of Sheffield took at least £72 million in investment from the arms trade over a decade, more “defence” funding than any other institution. It has multi-million financial contracts with BAE Systems, GKN, Boeing, and several other arms manufacturers. The International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP) has written to 82 British universities warning them of the possible risk of criminal liability over any investments held in arms companies and Israeli settlements.

See this link for more details, photos, and to sign the petition in support.

UPDATE After a week of continual protest: At the University of Sheffield Education Awards, a protest erupted demanding “Stop Genocide in Palestine” and asking that the University should cut ties with the arms trade and academic co-operation with Israel. “Start being on the right side of history” said one speaker. The Vice-Chancellor left and tried to cancel the event, but some members of staff joined those on the stage. Later, protesters continued to chant as they left. Full story at The Sheffield Tab.