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Sheffield–Nablus Trade Union Partnership established

The first meeting of the Sheffield–Nablus Trade Union Partnership took place on 12th January 2021. Jim Malone from the Fire Brigades Union in Dundee spoke on the twinning between Dundee and Nablus, Palestine, on visits to train firefighters and the donation of two fire engines. They even managed to get a road in Dundee named after Nablus. The speakers from Nablus were very encouraging of these initiatives.

Louise Regan former President of the NEU (National Education Union) spoke impressively about her experiences of visits to Palestine. She made the point that people on delegations are transformed by what they experience in Palestine. They usually start out mildly sympathetic and curious and come back passionate ambassadors for justice for the Palestinians.

It took decades of patient work to get to the position that Dundee is in, but the link with Nablus has the full backing of the Executive of the Sheffield Trades Council. The Sheffield–Nablus link is a long-term project and will be very uneven, some sections, probably the two Universities will move faster than others, but it has the promise of opening many doors.

Information from Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine.