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Request for donated bikes

Asylum seekers get very little money (approx. £5 a day) to live on. Bus fares to school, shops, English classes, appointments, social contact, etc can take most of that.

COMAC volunteers restore donated bikes to full working order to industry standard, fit lights and locks, then donate them to asylum seekers along with a helmet and a hi-viz jacket. They can then save themselves a lot of time and money, and have fun and exercise – in fact get everything from cycling that we all do.

COMAC had a lot of donations in late spring when everyone was clearing out their sheds and cellars. But they seem to have dried up lately. They’re starting to get a bit of a waiting list, so if you’ve got a bike – or even random bike parts (lots of repairs are made using recycled parts) – please get in touch. All shapes and sizes welcome.

Preferably, deliver to A Different Gear, Thirlwell Road, Heeley and tell them it’s for COMAC, or contact through COMAC website to arrange collection if necessary. Pass it on….