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Foodhall update - Summer 2021

Over the summer, Foodhall people have been busy moving from Eyre Street to Brown Street, ready to open a social eating space after the pandemic. They now have a kitchen installed and have run inductions with volunteers.

Foodhall Community Radio has released a new podcast including interviews with Foodhall’s team. It gives an impression of the latest developments and the enthusiasm, and it’s a kind of sound collage, with ambient sounds of the new building work underway. You can listen to the edit on this Soundcloud link.

Their home-growing project still has some grow-kits left to send out. If you’re interested in learning how to grow food at home, they can supply all the materials needed, plus a growing guide for each crop. To try being a ‘distributed allotment grower’, fill out this Google form and they will be in touch to organise a delivery. If you have any questions, email

Also the Foodhall Digital Library has been announced. This will become a common, user contributed, digital resource for the Foodhall community which collects, records and archives all kinds of interesting, inspiring and useful items. This could include books, zines, research, journals, stories, writings, recipes, ramblings, art, student projects and more. They are calling out for people to add items, recommendations, or any comments or questions you may have. They are particularly interested in any items which are about, made with, or reference Foodhall, The National Food Service, or items by Foodhall Community members. You can access the Foodhall Digital Library at this Google spreadsheet.