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Club demolition sneaking under cover of Covid-19?

The Shiregreen Working Men’s Club, a centre for people’s activities over decades, may be demolished despite attempts to save it for community use. It was the stage used for the final scene in Sheffield-made film “The Full Monty”. The Shiregreen area (Sheffield 5) has already lost many local venues; The Horseshoe, The Sicey, The Roman Ridge, The Wincobank, etc. There is speculation that one single developer has bought up five Working Men’s Clubs in the city, so this is part of a pattern of community-owned (union) assets being turned into private for-profit hands. Social assets are vital for cohesion and wellbeing of residents, says the campaigners’ impassioned plea for wider support, published this month (June 2020). They call for support from the Council, local and city-wide residents:

“An Open Letter and Plea to the People of Sheffield”.