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Beautiful Loxley Valley in danger

An appeal has gone out opposing a planning application for 300 new homes in the beautiful Loxley Valley, in Sheffield. Please follow the links below and circulate to anyone else who may be willing to do the same because the Council gave just 2 weeks (18th May-1st June) for comments but following publicity the deadline for objections has been extended to the 15th June. The plan will have a massive lasting impact. Campaigners need all the help they can can get, and all comments and responses count.

The location of the proposed new ‘Township’ is the old factory works, stretching 0.7 miles from Storrs Bridge Lane to Rowell Lane, just one mile west of Damflask Reservoir and the edge of the Peak District. The developers are claiming that the land is a ‘brownfield’ site – a claim vehemently disputed. The factory has now been out of use for almost 30 years and has been totally reclaimed by nature, part of a stunning green corridor linking Sheffield to the Peak District. There’s an enormous planned loss of green space, trees, wildlife, and massive increase in traffic (plus seven years’ worth of construction traffic), and noise and light pollution that would impact remaining countryside. Nearby Hillsborough will feel the effects, along with additional pressure on local services. As usual, there are no plans for new schools or GP surgeries, and existing provision is at full capacity.

The developer denies that the area is a flood plane but it flooded in 2007 and has been inundated by run-off during the recent wet weather. There’s no denying that a massive area of concrete will absorb less water than massive areas of soil and trees!

More info and how to oppose here:

Go straight to the councils planning app here: