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⑫ How to live through this, staying happy & healthy

Some futurologists say that when the system goes down, people will support each other, and get on with making life happen. This is now our main task, along with caring for the sick, for those who are healthy. And sharing sensible, objective and non-alarmist advice on how to live under the emergency procedures, what is likely to happen next, and beyond into the future.

Looking positively to the future after Coronavirus, the crisis of climate, pollution and extinction crisis is still here. We will all need to re-grow more natural lifestyles: economise, make things, mend things, grow food, learn and teach new and old skills, etc. We can work to promote such ‘Alternative’ things. It’s now or never.

The Green Party’s vision for an economy that works for everybody was updated during the Coronavirus crisis (1650 words). See also their homepage for details of Sheffield Green Party activities during the crisis.

The Labour Party: contact Sheffield Central Constituency Labour Party. Website: or email:, or call 0345 092 2299. They have set up various online Google forms to enable people to offer help, and co-ordinate help across the city.

The Coronavirus Sanity Guide is a free online resource base of practical ways of coping with stress and anxiety, through meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and talks.

This is a good time for …

  • Gardening
  • Cycling, walking, even running up and down stairs …
  • Writing, whether you self-publish online, print, or just in private … (for example Sheffield Zine Fair is online this year)
  • Sitting in the window to smile at passing strangers …
  • Making a tee-shirt with your face and name on, so people can recognise you when masked
  • Photographing (eg. street scenes, with fewer cars)
  • Planning street art, making stencils, redecorating and guerilla gardening in some ugly corner of our late-capitalist city …
  • Re-thinking your life [rich people] see: Quarantine Meditations by Caitlin Johnstone
  • Exploring the Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online Collections
  • Checking out Sheffield Libraries, although the doors are closed for now, over the last few weeks thousands of people have joined Sheffield eLibrary, which has more new content, including magazines, ebooks, audiobooks and comics. If you’re not a member yet: how to Sheffield Libraries
  • Family history: Sheffield Libraries offers free home access for library members to FindMyPast (for tracing your family tree), and the British Newspaper Archive. For access, email

Ideas can be added here, and new categories like mental attitude, health, hobbies, etc. All suggestions welcome, please contact us, thanks. 

Best wishes, thanks for reading this.

Alt-Sheff Co-operative Organising Team



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