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⑨ Where to find medical supplies, food, etc.

This list under construction, please add suggestions of useful info. (See also ① Health, during Coronavirus and lockdown).


Sheffield Markets:

The Moor Market is now closed, following the decision of many traders not to take the risk of contact with coronavirus. Crystal Peaks Market is also closed until further notice. Updates will be provided about market changes on the Sheffield Markets website and the City Council’s website.


Delivery services:

There can be long delays and online problems in ordering from the big ‘mainstream’ supermarkets. Instead, to find out which smaller shops are doing deliveries, look at your local group discussions (see ② Community mutual support groups). offers local groceries from certain local shops in Sheffield. Enter your postcode, choose delivery or pickup, and order from independent retailers. Shops such as Zed’s Wholefoods are included. See the website, download the app, or call 07594 463100 for additional help and support.


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