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② Community mutual support groups

Including charities, community and voluntary sector, and especially for elderly and vulnerable people. 



Sheffield Mutual Aid Facebook group has a lot of discussion and questions answered.


Sheffield City Council Have a special page of information and updates on Council services affected by Coronavirus.


Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS) has a Covid-19 help page. VAS is coordinating Voluntary and Community Sector planning and response in the city, including long term care for people who need to be quarantined and have no support. Mutual Aid groups identifying such people should refer them to their local VAS community hub (listed below).

VAS’s online Sheffield COVID Support Map shows where to find support from a network of community “hubs”, and “street level” groups. It’s a work in progress, you can submit details of anything not yet shown.


Citizens Advice have useful links on their website for general and coronavirus advice, consumer advice, and help with claiming Universal Credit.


British Red Cross are continuing phoneline support for urgent casework: Sheff 0114 2427385.


The Sharehouse Market runs services including a pay-as-you-feel store, as far as known this is still open, Monday – Sunday 13:30 – 15:00. Unit 5 Woodbourn Road, S9 3LQ. See website or phone: 07542 379246, email:


Food banks: see this list, and information on how to donate or access emergency food supplies.

Sheffield has at least 5 foodbank organisations, covering 13 sites:

And in the wider region:



Foodhall is a visionary experiment, a volunteer-powered community hub, diner and kitchen, in the heart of Sheffield. With multiple projects and experiments always going on, the main aim is to bring people together around food. For years they have been part of the new emerging food economy, providing food and support to the public.

You don’t need a referral for Foodhall, unlike food banks, Foodhall isn’t a charity, it’s a mutual organisation (although it works with charities). It’s part of the National Food Service campaign to ensure this most basic need is met, in our fractured society. During the crisis they aim to help the most at-risk and isolated people, and anyone who might not normally need essential support.

Pay-as-you-feel arrangements apply to meals, workshops and events, and getting involved is more valued than whether you have any money. Dozens of hot and cold food parcels are being taken daily to people in self isolation. There is a good interview on Sheffield Live! with Baillor Jalloh speaking to Foodhall’s Louis Pohl.

Foodhall’s current activities are:

  • Drop-off point for surplus food and important supplies including toiletries, PPE, and other essentials: Full list of items needed here: (Google document)
  • Community kitchen preparing meals, to be frozen, for collection
  • Pick-up point for food parcels collection (Wed, Thur, Friday 10am-2pm, address: Foodhall, 121 Eyre Street, S1 4QW
  • Collecting donations to be redistributed (small team of trained volunteers)
  • Processing and delivering to our community and other at-risk groups (Mon-Friday 10am-4pm)
  • Coordinating with others (food surplus charities, community groups and mutual aid groups in Sheffield)

IMPORTANT: if you are able to donate anything, please arrive Wed, Thur, or Friday between 10am-2pm. If you are unable to make these times, volunteers may be able to collect from you. Please email If you can donate money please see details here, or call Foodhall on Sheff 0114 3036040

Volunteers are needed now. Training is given. For safety, different volunteering groups don’t have sustained contact with one another, so food workers (in the 5-star food hygiene rated kitchen) are socially distanced from, say deliverers. Application form here

If you or someone you know is in need of access to food please call the Foodhall Isolation Food Pack Hotline: Sheff 0114 3036040.

Address: Foodhall, 121 Eyre Street, Sheffield S1 4QW.


Neighbourhood community mutual support groups:

  • Abbeydale Road, Bannerdale & surrounding area; St Peters & St Oswalds Church neighbourhood support: 0114 2509716 or 07952 833858.
  • [Abbeydale] Bannerdale & Carter Knowle Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Aston, Aughton, Swallownest Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Banner Cross/Greystones: Facebook Also see S11, below.
  • Batemoor & Jordanthorpe Mutual Aid: Facebook
  • Beauchief, see Whirlow, Beauchief & Millhouses, below.
  • Beighton & Sothall Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Bents Green & Parkhead Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Bradway: see S17, below.
  • Bramall Lane: see St. Marys, below.
  • Broomhill, Broomhall & Sharrow Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Burngreave Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Burton Street Foundation Community Hub:
  • Chapeltown/High Green Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • City centre, see SHEFFIELD CITY CENTRE, below.
  • Coverdale Neighbours Community Group: Tel. 07986 680843 (Not online?)
  • Crookes Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Crosspool St Columba Church Community Hub:
  • Darnall Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Dore: see S17, below.
  • Dronfield & S18 Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Ecclesfield Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Eckington Community Needs: Facebook.
  • Endcliffe CV19 Support: Facebook.
  • Endowood Road Support Group: Tel. 07989 059563 (Not online?)
  • Firth Park Crescent Help Group: Facebook.
  • Fox Hill: see Wadsley Bridge & Fox Hill, below.
  • Foxhill Forum:
  • Fulwood Forum: Facebook.
  • Greystones: see S11 Banner Cross/Greystones above, & S11 below.
  • Greenhill Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Hartington Road COVID-19 Support Group: Tel. 07887 570762 (Not online?)
  • Heeley Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Heeley City Farm Community Hub:
  • Heeley Trust Community Hub:
  • High Green: see Chapeltown/High Green, above.
  • High Storrs Helpers Group: Tel. 07946 620090 (Not online?)
  • Hillsborough Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Hillsborough & S6: (larger group?) Facebook.
  • Langdon St/Fentonville St/Grange Rd S11 Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Lansdowne Mutual Aid: Tel. 07748 717402 (Not online?)
  • Kelham Island & Neepsend Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Lodgemoor Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Lower Walkley & Walkley Bank Mutual Aid: Facebook, see also Walkey Mutual Aid, below.
  • Manor & Castle Development Trust Community Hub:
  • Meersbrook Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Millhouses: Knab Farm Shop: deliveries for elderly & vulnerable, 78 Montrose Rd, S7 2EF, 0114 250 7144 or 07949 556263.
  • Millhouses: also see Whirlow, Beauchief & Millhouses, below.
  • Mosborough Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Neepsend: see Kelham Island & Neepsend above.
  • Nether Edge Help Network/Mutual Aid: Facebook, call 07736 843993 or 07990 903773.
  • Netherthorpe ZEST Community Hub:
  • Nether Green Mutual Aid: Facebook. See also S11, below.
  • Norfolk Park Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Norton: see Woodseats & Norton, below.
  • Norton Hammer (Sheffield Lakes) Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Oughtibridge: see Worrall, Wharncliffe Side & Oughtibridge, below.
  • Parson Cross Forum: Facebook.
  • Pearson Place Mutual Aid:
  • Pitsmoor Adventure Playground Community Hub:
  • Sharrow Community Forum Community Hub:
  • Sharrow: see also Broomhill, Broomhall & Sharrow above.
  • S1 Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • S5 Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • S11 Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • S12 Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • S17 Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • SHEFFIELD CITY CENTRE: S1 Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • South Sheffield – REACH Community Hub:
  • St Mary’s Community Hub:
  • St. Timothy’s Hall Community Hub:
  • St Philips Road Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Swallownest: see Aston, Aughton, Swallownest, above.
  • Totley: see S17, above.
  • Wadsley Bridge & Fox Hill Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Walkey Mutual Aid: Facebook, see also Lower Walkley, above.
  • Wharncliffe: see Worrall, Wharncliffe Side & Oughtibridge, below.
  • Whirlow, Beauchief & Millhouses Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Whirlow & Millhouses Mutual Support Group: Facebook.
  • Woodseats & Norton Mutual Aid: Facebook.
  • Woodseats and surrounding areas: COVID-19 support and advice: Facebook.
  • Worrall, Wharncliffe Side & Oughtibridge Mutual Aid: Facebook.


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