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In a Thousand Silences

Soft Ground, 37 The Moor, Sheffield S1 4PF
A virtual reality experience celebrating Palestinian culture, whilst highlighting the brutal censorship which artists face. The Freedom Theatre and Artists on the Frontline present Palestine’s first-ever virtual reality film, In A Thousand Silences. It combines dance, music, poetry and storytelling, and performances from renowned artists including actor Mohammad Bakri, musician Suhail Khoury and poet Dareen Tatour. Using the latest digital…
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Migration Matters Festival

Migration Matters Festival is back for 2023, the biggest UK festival of its kind, in its 8th year of celebrating sanctuary in the Steel City. It runs from 16th to 24th June to coincide with Refugee Week, which this year has the theme of compassion. There’s a huge and delightful line-up including over 60 performances, exhibitions, films, walks, food, music, dance…
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City of Sanctuary Sheffield Open Day

City of Sanctuary Sheffield, 37-39 Chapel Walk, S1 2PD
An open day at The Sanctuary, come to find out more about the work to make Sheffield a place of safety and welcome for all refugees and people seeking asylum. With food and drinks, and stories to inspire you. Learn more about what ‘City of Sanctuary’ means in action. Sheffield became the UK’s first ever City of Sanctuary in 2007. In…
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Imagining a Child-Centred Migration Law

The Council Room, Firth Court, Western Bank S10 2TN
UK migration law treats children as ‘appendages and possession of others’ and focuses on adult migrants. Governments deport those migrants that it deems ‘illegal’ or those who are just unwanted. The children of migrants are deeply affected by the decision of governments to deport adult family members, yet when children’s rights are considered at all, it is as a means…
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Dig Where You Stand

Soft Ground, 37-40 The Moor, Sheffield S1 4PF
The stories of working class people of colour who lived and worked in South Yorkshire before 1945. Dig Where You Stand is an archival justice movement made up of artists, archivists, educators and local community members. This event will showcase their latest findings, including a multimedia soundscape created by Désirée Reynolds and Otis Mensah. It will also feature an informal…
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