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The Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire: Resisting Thatcherism in 1980s Sheffield

Broomhall Centre, Broomspring Lane, Sheffield S10 2FD

During the 1980s, the term ‘Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire’ was coined to describe the region’s left-wing political culture. This workshop will explore how left-wing activists and politicians in 1980s Sheffield attempted to resist the dominance of Thatcherism and implement their own political ideas. It will examine the left-wing, trade union, feminist, and anti-racist activism that made up our ‘Socialist Republic’.

Through presentations and group discussion, this event will examine the extent to which there was a concerted and successful attempt to build a left-wing alternative to Thatcherite ideology in Sheffield. Discuss what we can learn from this pivotal period in political history, and how we can apply it to our present situation. Sessions include contributions from historians and local campaigners, and themes will include Sheffield Council and the Left, Liberation Movements, and Youth Culture.

Tickets are free, thanks to GMB, NEU, the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign, Sheffield Trades Council, UCU and Unite for generously supporting this event. But, as Sheffield Transformed has no regular source of funding, any donations will help to host future events; please book your ticket and make a donation at the link below, which also has full line-up details.

Doors open 12.30pm for 1pm start.

Free refreshments will be available. Broomhall Centre has good wheelchair accessibility and the entire event will take place on the ground floor of the building. There are men’s, women’s and an accessible unisex toilet with baby-changing facilities. There will be a PA system in place to amplify speakers. Each session will last no longer than an hour and 15-20 minute rest breaks will take place between sessions.

If you have any concerns or questions with regards to accessibility, please email

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