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International Day of Co-operatives


This year’s International Day of Co-operatives is to focus on sustainable development. 2023 is the 101st celebration of an international day for co-ops, and the 29th time since it has been recognized by the United Nations.

Co-operatives everywhere are working hard to build a better world, but they can’t do it alone. So they work together; co-operatives link up internationally to promote their co-operative identity, community values, and competitive distinction. Discover how co-operatives are celebrating #CoopsDay worldwide.

If you’re in a co-operative, the annual International Day of Co-operatives is a moment to tell the world that co-ops put people first, they’re ethical and fair on principle, and they’re great to do business with.

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Help to start and advice for co-ops is offered by Sheffield Co-operative Development Agency (SCDG).

Education within the co-operative movement is the focus of Principle 5, the Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre (also based in Sheffield).

If you are in a co-operative, check out how to empower your organization with tools for the digital economy, like .COOP branding, and .COOP web addresses, at DotCoop.

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